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iDisguise tin can for iPod music player - Mp4 Converter November 6,2006

In case getting jacked for your iPod music player on a New York City subway car isn't exactly your idea of a fun time, have a look at the iD..

Blackberry on the Slide? ; RIM profits halved in second quarter of this year. September 21,2011

Research in Motion (RIM); the makers of Blackberry products, have seen their second-quarter profits fall sharply. It is thought that this has happened due to low demand for their older models, in..

Patent War staggers on; Samsung takes court action against Apple in France. September 16,2011

Samsung has started the next installment of the ongoing patent war against Apple by filing a patent complaint against Apple in France. This is the latest chapter of a legal battle between the two..

Microsoft unveils Windows 8; Set for a 2012 release. September 15,2011

Microsoft has revealed the next generation of its Windows operating system. Set to be released in 2012, Windows 8 is seen as Microsoft's answer to Apples iOS and Google's Android platforms, Windo..

iPhone 5 Launch; Leaked Best Buy document hints at release date. September 7,2011

Earlier today a leaked Best Buy promotional document gave the first solid indication of the release date of the upcoming iPhone 5. The document suggests that a possible announcement could be made..

Apple-Samsung Patent war continues; Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned in Germany September 5,2011

The latest instalment of the Apple - Samsung patent war has gotten underway, with Samsungs new tablet computer having been pulled from one of the world's largest electronic shows in Germany.

HP TouchPad lives on after ‘clearance sale’ August 31,2011

Today it was announced that Hewlett-Packard will make another limited run of their TouchPad tablet computer, marking a shocking turnaround for the previously beleaguered hardware giant.


Apple shares hit in light of Jobs resignation August 29,2011

Apple shares hit in light of Jobs resignation; thought to be temporary blip

Apples share price fell by 2.5% at the start of trading today as investors sought to sell their shares in light..

What to expect in the new iPhone 5 August 26,2011

There have been a lot of rumors and speculations regarding the anticipated release of the new iPhone5. According to TechCrunch, a source from Apple has revealed that the new iPho..

Lenovo as good as their word August 26,2011

Just days after Lenovo announced that about enter the tablet market following Hewlett-Packard's unduly departure; Lenovo has released its first ThinkPad tablet.

It is tho..

So who will come out on top? August 26,2011

Both Apple and Samsung have enjoyed significant victories in the courts of Dusseldorf. Just days after Apple was granted an EU sales ban against Samsung's Galaxy Tab

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs August 25,2011

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the driving force behind hugely successful devices such as the iPod, iPad and iPhone, as w..

Samsung loses in the Netherlands August 25,2011

Samsung Electronics Co. has suffered yet another defeat in its current patent war with Apple Inc.

A Dutch court in The Hague, Netherlands has ruled that Samsung will have..

Lenovo enters the race following HP’s drop out August 25,2011

Following HP's announcement that they may be retiring from the PC business to focus on software development Lenovo has issued a statement saying that they are looking to challeng..

HP TouchPad bombs as BestBuy set to return 250,000 Units August 19,2011

As Apple and Samsung fight it out at the top of the tablet computer market, spare a thought for Hewlett Packard. While the iPad has been a runaway success since its 2010 launch and the Galaxy Tab..

Samsung Galaxy EU Ban Postponed, Apple accuse Samsung of ‘Slavishly Copying’ iPad August 17,2011

The Europe-wide ban on sales of the Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been lifted temporarily as questions were raised regarding the legitimacy of the court's decision to enforce such a wide ranging ..

Did Samsung really copy Apple? August 17,2011

Following Apple's successful attempt to have the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned from being sold in Europe, new evidence has arisen that the all important document which Apple used to get their injunction..

Apple under pressure August 16,2011

In a startling turn of events, Apple has gone from being the most valuable company in the world to being sued for supposedly fixing eBook prices with the five different publishers- whose cooperat..

Apple overtakes Exxon Mobil to become the largest company in the world August 11,2011

In an admittedly volatile stock market today, Apple Inc. today became the world's largest public company of any sort, with its market capitalization overtaking that of oil giant ..

The end of texting? August 11,2011

The world of text messaging is one which is currently enjoyed by nearly all phone users: with 2.4 billion active users. First established in the early 1980s, the legacy of SMS texting

Galaxy Tab banned from all EU countries August 10,2011

In today's modern market of smart phones and tablets, one cannot deny that the design and functionality of all these products can be startlingly similar. However, it was Apple wh..

New Better Solution for Backup, Transfer, Sync iPhone Contacts July 20,2011

4Media has recently released a powerful tool named iPhone Contacts Transfer which is capable of backing up, transferring, syncing, and managing contacts for their iPhone...

4Media Launched Free Video Converter Channel July 4,2011

4Media has launched the Free Video Converter channel on its website last week to provide users a free tool for converting video and audio files.

4Media Free Video Converter URL:

4Media released new products - 4Media Photo Slideshow Maker for Mac. May 23,2011

4Media Photo Slideshow Maker for Mac can help you bring all your photo collections to life by turning photos to photo slideshow videos and enjoy them whenever and wherever.

Designed for M..

4Media 3GP Video Converter to release this week May 17,2011

A new 3GP video tool 3GP Video Converter is about to release this week by 4Media Software.

The 4Media 3GP Video Converter is a specialized video conversion tool which allows users to con..

iPhone Users Like Morning Reading Before Get Up May 13,2011

What's your first action when you wake up in the morning? Is it picking up your iPhone and logging on FACEBOOK or checking email for the updates? If so then you are not alone. This is a survey ma..

Apple Surpassed Google To Be The World Most Valuable Brand May 10,2011

The global brand research agency Millward Brown newly reports that Apple has surpassed Google to be the world's most valuable brand, which is the end of Google's number one position in the past f..

The Enterprise Software Revenues Increase 8.5% Last Year May 6,2011

The Enterprise Software Revenues Increase 8.5% Last Year

According to a recent report made by market research firm Gartner titled "the Market Share Analysis: 2010 Global enterprise s..

Upgrade of iRiver Clix portable media players - Mp4 Converter March 26,2009

Remember iRiver's Clix player that we first told you months back? That same ho-hum ..

Sony PSP gets Google search - MP4 Converter June 25,2008

On 17th June, Tuesday, Sony has announced they will update the firmware for the PlayStation Portable. The new updates will add a Goo..

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