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How to convert PowerPoint to DVD

Updated October 29,2010

This tutorial will guide you how to convert PowerPoint files to DVD discs by using 4Media PowerPoint to DVD and take presentations on DVD players.

Basic PowerPoint to DVD Conversion How-to

Further Useful Functions: make customized PowerPoint Presentation DVD

How to convert PowerPoint to DVD using 4Media PowerPoint to DVD

Step 1: Start

Download, install and launch 4Media PowerPoint to DVD.

Step 2: Add PPT Files(s)

Drag and drop PowerPoint file(s) into file list or Click "Import File(s)" button to add PPT file(s).

How to make PPT into DVD

Step 3: Adjust Slideshow Settings

Adjust slideshow settings to play automatically or manually.

Convert PowerPint to DVD


1. In Auto-play mode, you can set the slide to play in loop or customize slide duration.

2. In Manual play mode, you can decide to display the slides in thumbnail or outline view. You can also hide the navigation buttons at will. You can preview the applied effects of different menu templates by click "Title Menu" at the bottom of application.

How to convert PowerPoint to DVD

Step 4: Create and Design a DVD Menu

Click "Edit Menu" button to create and design a DVD menu. Choose one menu template and add background music/picture into it.

PowerPoint to DVD Conversion

Step 5: Start to Burn

Click "Burning DVD" button at the top of the application and hit "Burn DVD" button at the bottom to start burning!

PowerPoint to DVD Converting


Burning settings are provided, such as volume label, write speed, copies. DVD settings can be adjusted as well, including TV standard, video quality and video aspect ratio.

How to Record Narration in Presentation Rehearsal?

Record a voice narration into your PowerPoint file easily as an instruction by the following steps:

1. Select the PowerPoint file needs to add narration and click button.

Converting PPT to DVD

2. In Auto-Play mode, check "Presentation Recording" option and enter rehearsing process to preview PowerPoint file in full screen.

How to Make PPT to DVD

Click "Presentaion Recording" button to start recording narration.

How to covnert PPT to DVD

And click "Stop Recording" button to end the narration.

PowerPoint to DVD Converter Software

3. In Manual-play mode, click button to start recording and hit button when the recording is finished.

Converts ppt Presentation to DVD

How to Add Watermark to Your Presentation?

If you want to logo your PowerPoint file, please follow the below steps to add text/picture watermark into it.

1. Highlight the PowerPoint file needed to add watermark into and click "Watermark" button on the left of the main interface.

Make PowerPoint Presentation DVD

2. Click "Add Text Watermark" or "Add Picture Watermark".

How to convert PPT to DVD

3. Set Transparency, Position, Font, Color, Size, or Style for watermark, play and preview slide show in comparison.

4. Click "Apply" and "OK" to finish editing.

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